pyopenms docs#

Contribution to the pyOpenMS documentation is easy and we would love to expand it with you. To edit a tutorial page you can click on the “Edit on GitHub” link at the top right of each page. Once you changed (or added new) .rst files you can and open a pull request.

(Note that edits you perform on binder don’t get stored in this repository. Thus, binder and the displayed jupyter notebooks can not be used to edit the existing documentation. All edits need to happen through the .rst files in the OpenMS/pyopenms-docs repository.)

If you are unsure how to do that or want to discuss questions (e.g. your example workflow can be included on this webpage) contact us via the OpenMS Gitter chat channel.

pyopenms sources#

pyopenms mostly consists of Cython wrappers around the OpenMS C++ library. Below you will find information on how to build pyopenms from source and how to wrap new classes. You can of course also contribute classesa and functionality in pure python.