class pyopenms.OMSSAXMLFile#

Bases: object

Cython implementation of _OMSSAXMLFile

Original C++ documentation is available here

– Inherits from [‘XMLFile’]

__init__(self) None#




Return the version of the schema

load(self, filename, protein_identification, ...)

Loads data from a OMSSAXML file

setModificationDefinitionsSet(self, rhs)

Sets the valid modifications

getVersion(self) bytes | str | String#

Return the version of the schema

load(self, filename: bytes | str | String, protein_identification: ProteinIdentification, id_data: List[PeptideIdentification], load_proteins: bool, load_empty_hits: bool) None#

Loads data from a OMSSAXML file

  • filename – The file to be loaded

  • protein_identification – Protein identifications belonging to the whole experiment

  • id_data – The identifications with m/z and RT

  • load_proteins – If this flag is set to false, the protein identifications are not loaded

  • load_empty_hits – Many spectra will not return a hit. Report empty peptide identifications?

setModificationDefinitionsSet(self, rhs: ModificationDefinitionsSet) None#

Sets the valid modifications