class pyopenms.OSWFile#

Bases: object

Cython implementation of _OSWFile

Original C++ documentation is available here

This class serves for reading in and writing OpenSWATH OSW files

See OpenSwathOSWWriter for more functionality

The reader and writer returns data in a format suitable for PercolatorAdapter. OSW files have a flexible data structure. They contain all peptide query parameters of TraML/PQP files with the detected and quantified features of OpenSwathWorkflow (feature, feature_ms1, feature_ms2 & feature_transition)

The OSWFile reader extracts the feature information from the OSW file for each level (MS1, MS2 & transition) separately and generates Percolator input files. For each of the three Percolator reports, OSWFile writer adds a table (score_ms1, score_ms2, score_transition) with the respective confidence metrics. These tables can be mapped to the corresponding feature tables, are very similar to PyProphet results and can thus be used interchangeably



__init__(self, filename: bytes | str) None


__init__(self, in_0: OSWFile) None